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Nemitzer Heathland

Heather landscape

In the beautiful Wendland between Lüchow and Gartow lies the Nemitzer heathland. In the expanse of the Elbe valley floodplains you can enjoy the diverse nature. Whether on foot, by bike or by inline- skates. There is something for every taste. There is much to explore and investigate. You can rent bikes and explore the nature on special bike-hiking courses. You also have the opportunity to do the inliner driving licence.
The traditional heather blooming festival is being celebrated at the last weekend in August. There is a family walking tour day taking place on this occasion.

The Nemitzer heathland emerged in the seventies after a forest fire. The 400 hectare big heathland area is the whole year open for hiking tours. Sometimes one just needs a little rest. You can enjoy butter-cake or buckwheat-cake in one of the many cosy restaurants there.

Special sightseeing points are definitely: the Clenzer Schweiz with its many mills and the Swinmarkt (pig market). Part of that is also the inland shifting sand dunes as well as the big boulder. The nicest exemplars can be seen in the boulder garden near Clenze and in Breetze near Bleckede. The gardens are open around the clock.

In autumn during dust, stags can be heard in the forest-rich Göhrde.
There is something for the whole family.
Do come and experience it for yourself.

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